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We're Donny Skate Co-op, a collective of skateboarders, who took over Twisted Skatepark in March 2023


Twisted Skatepark was built in 2020 by a businessman who saw a gap in the market and thought he'd have a crack at it. We (Emma and Lewis) were users of the park since the first day it opened, and we ​​had always talked about how we would run it differently if it was us. No one that worked there or ran it skated or knew anything about the culture, there was never a skate shop or a properly functioning café, or even a place to buy a bottle of water. Not much of a vibe, you could say.

It took a couple of years before the park was put up for sale. At the time we didn't give it much thought, other than being bummed out that we'd have to travel to Sheffield if we wanted to skate indoors. Then, one night, jokes were made about how we should buy it. But there was no way, right?


Suddenly reassurance and belief started coming, from people we believe to know their stuff. It seemed like it could actually be possible. We got to work, got some friends together, created a company and started to look into how our newly formed company, Doncaster Skate Co-Operative, could begin raising the funds we needed. 

 It was the dream we never even knew we had, and it wouldn't have happened without the help of wide network and community of people offering us advice, guidance and support ( big shout out here to Bentley Urban Farm and all its people!). With the help of an investment from our friends over at A Commune in the North and their network of people who could see the vision, we were able to complete the takeover and secure the future of Doncaster's only indoor skate park.




Before we knew it, we were suddenly running a company, and dealing with the shennanigans left behind by the previous owner. None of us had done anything like this before - Lewis was a painter and decorator, Emma was a self employed artist, Ryan was figuring life out and David worked at Starbucks. Cath is the most qualified of us all, having spent many of her working years setting up co operatives around the country and helping them deal with their own shennanigans. We managed to get through the deal, and start working on patching up the holes in the business (and roof) left behind.

When we first took over, there was nothing but a reception desk, some ramps in a big old warehouse and a café with a few bits of equipment, including old oil in the fryer and half a fish in a bag. Everything was yellow and grey, and there was some serious tidying and decorating to do. We got to work, bought some snacks and drinks for our fridge and shelves and stuck some skateboards on the walls. Next up was the skate shop - we had cabinets to fill! We got an order in and the DSC skate store was born. Our long term plans were set on moving reception closer to the café, so we wouldn't be split apart and get lonely. Renovating the space took a few months, but it wasn't long until we were getting our shiny new to us doors put on and dragging all our rammel to the other side of the building.

Our team in the beginning

From left to right:






Over time, we grew and started getting used to running everything. Our skate shop got bigger and better, got a shiny new pink floor and a big old makeover. We started adding some of the major names to our shop, and filled it with everything we could afford. We felt like a proper skate shop now, not just some skate cabinets.

Alongside growing our shop, we opened the café up properly, added a free library of books, board games for people to play, started an urban farm and growing project, built a mini ramp, got flooded, took apart the mini ramp, threw jams and community events, hosted music nights and gigs and set up a space for up bands to rehearse in. We have so many upcoming plans, from building an outside DIY to cleaning up our rivers and getting out into our communities to give everyone a chance to try skateboarding.

Our team has changed a bit over time, and we're no longer the original 5 we started with. Sometimes you have to do something to know its not for you, and Ryan and David wanted to pursue different paths. We wouldn't be where we are today without all of our original members hard work, and we're very grateful for what they put in!

Now its Lewis, Emma, Cath as the remaining members of the co-op, and Ryan does most of the incredible artwork you'll see growing steadily around the park whilst learning how to tattoo and working towards opening his own studio at the park soon!


We have a passion for seeing the community (and garden) grow and thrive. We love skateboarding so much, and we really, really love how it can bring so many different people together and how great it can be for mental and physical health, except from the falling part of it. We've seen and experienced some of the best and worst things about the community, and know how intimidating it can be for any beginner, especially anyone on the female side of the spectrum, for queer people, or basically anyone that's not a guy. That's not saying its not hard for you guys - it is and we know it. That's why we always want to make sure anyone skating in our park feels safe, comfortable and like its inclusive for everyone, regardless of ability.

Come down, get to know us and have a skate with our team!

A little snapshot of our park

Filmed by Pati

@patisphotos on Instagram

Meet The Team


he / him

Big passion for skateboarding and will happily talk about it all day. Always cooking up a new idea for something to build and skate in the park. Can I go skate now please?

Current set up: back to the 8.75 Krooked Team Eyes deck, Venture hollows, Spitfire formula fours and Thunder hardware & bushings.


she / her

Co-operative genius, community builder, communard at a Commune In The North and all round radical person. Numbers are her friend, missing receipts are not. Has stood on a skateboard once before. Likes to pretend she's working when in reality she's probably playing candy crush.



she / her

Gardener, grower and maker of things. Likes getting the jigsaw out to cut wood at inappropriate times. Can be found either skating the ledge or avoiding working on flatground tricks

Current set up: 8.5 There Marbie Deck, venture trucks, 60mm OJ wheels and random hardware from jars



he / him

Can usually be found sketching something on a post it note or eating all the bagels. Good luck even finding them in their camo jacket - you'll need to, as he'll be doing all the waiver form checking and booking in if you show up for a weekend session. 


me / meow

A lucky sighting, but doing a real good job of mouse patrol. Likes sleeping all day and most of the night too.


wE love being worker owned and ran


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