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 Acknowledgement of Risk 


I am aware that skateboarding, BMX riding, in-line skating, scootering, and other related sports are physical activities and I have sought medical advice for any ailments which may put me at risk. I therefore agree to participate at my own risk. I have read fully the terms and conditions of use and agree to abide by and I will follow all instructions given to me by any member of Doncaster Skate Co-op. I accept that all sports carried out in the skate park, community or designated areas can be extremely dangerous and may result in injury or even death. I consent to any emergency medical/first aid treatment necessary during the course of the activity.

By clicking continue you agree that all information provided in this form is accurate and to the best of your knowledge up to date. Please have a scroll on down the page to read our rules and filming policy. Cheers!

Your Signature, or a Guardians signature if the participant is under 18.

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Skatepark Rules: 

These rules cover all areas of the skatepark, both the indoor ramps and the outside DIY section, and any other skateable objects inside the entire area of the DSC grounds, including the car park and any future additions not specified in this form 

  1. Show patience when riding with beginners - we all had to start somewhere. 

  2. Respect other riders by riding responsibly within your limits. 

  3. Do not remove or rearrange any obstacles in the skatepark without permission and help from a staff member

  4. Your equipment is your responsibility. Leaving your equipment/ personal belongings is at your own risk, and Doncaster Skate Co-op does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your own personal equipment. 

  5. There is no excuse for abuse to any staff, rider or visitor and any behaviour that makes members and users of the park feel any way other than safe and welcomed will be asked to assess their behaviours and leave if they cannot contribute towards a safe environment

  6. Any person(s) who is visibly intoxicated shall not be permitted to participate in, or supervise any activities at any time 

  7. Helmets must be worn by all participants under 16 years old and Doncaster Skate Co-op also recommends that all participants, regardless of age, skill level and experience, wear personal safety equipment. 

  8. No Skate wax is to be used in the park unless authorised by a member of Doncaster Skate Co-op 

  9. Doncaster Skate Co-op staff reserves the right to refuse admission 

  10.  All accidents to be reported to members of staff 

  11. The minimum age to participate is 3 years old. All under 12 year olds should be supervised by a suitable guardian/parent.

  12.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment is in good working order. 

  13. Spectators must not enter the riding/ramps area. There is a viewing area and a seating area available. Participants will not be directly supervised by an instructor. 

  14. Parking facilities are available at this site and any vehicles are left at their owner's risk.


Filming & Photography Policy

Filming and photography is an integral part of the activities and is permitted at DSC Skatepark. Please be aware by signing and agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing that you and your child can be filmed whilst undertaking activities at DSC and the footage may be used for publicity and online media and social media channels.


I or Parent/Guardian (if under 18) hereby release and absolve Doncaster Skate Co-op, its subsidiaries, staff and members from all liabilities and responsibility for injuries, sickness, accidents, loss of money and property that may be sustained whilst participating in any activities inside the grounds including training, workshops, & competitions.


In consideration of my signing this release form, I am allowing myself/my child to participate in Doncaster Skate co-op events and activities as above and intend to be legally bound and agree to waive and release all rights to claim injury or accident whilst taking part in such activities. Should Doncaster Skate Co-op staff feel in their professional opinion that I am not physically able to participate then I respect this decision and l/my child will cease activity.

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